Saturday, November 12, 2005

Uggs, Saturdays, and INXS

Christian and I were in Arizona when I found me a pair of those delectable Ugg boots. Soft and cozy inside what with all that warm lambs wool (my feet are oh so lucky!)I wore them for the first time to a drive-inn with Christian (to remember our old adolescent days) near his home in Mesa. I am sure Christian (and everyone else) was wondering why I would be wearing my celebrity-style boots to watch movies in the one bazillion degree weather, and that answer only Ugg owners know: they are the finest, most comfy boots in the planet, even if my feet were sweating like pigs.
Now I wear them to clean my house among other motherly chores, and today is Saturday, and I don’t know about you, but that means cleaning day.
So, I was looking through our married CD collection for music to blast while cleaning. When Christian and I moved into our first little home together downtown Provo, I was amazed at his INXS collections. Not only does he have like every album they have EVER made, but also ‘INXS’ is written on everything he owns (like cameras, books, and clothes.) He was an obsessed high school fan. I decided to listen to an album, and found myself totally enjoying it! In fact, I got crazy and listened to it ALL DAY! I love it! I love it! I do! When they sing “Beautiful girl” I have to admit my stomach gets all queasy inside because I swear they are singing right to me. In my Ugg boots.