Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Please, someone plug me in.

Yesterday my day’s events went as follows:
Messes, more messes, cell-phone frustration, a few more messes, rice & cheerios for dinner, and Christian not coming home from work until 9:30. I think that can pretty much sum it up.
I tried charging my cell-phone all day and each time I tried it failed, failed, failed! Finally I called Christian at work and in a mad rage I said:
“My phone is a piece of $#@!”
As Christian tried to calm me down we discussed options of just buying me a new phone, then he told me he was headed to Costco to get our tires rotated and he’d call me back later.
“Well don’t try calling me on my cell, remember is doesn’t work!” I yelled and hung up the phone.
As I was reading my Martha Stewart December issue Christian came hustling in the door.
In an attempt to cheer me up and make up for being late (and feeling guilty about being able to sit in the fantastic leather recliner on display at Costco with a good book for 3 ½ hours while I was at home trying to get my phone charged and all the other stuff that Moms do like dinner, tubs, bed) he said to me:
“Now, lets take a look at that phone” (with a little awkward hug).
I watched him stand up and look at the nightstand where my phone sat still plugged into the charger. I looked over to that direction and something did not look right.
The charger was not plugged in to the wall receptacle.
I felt an embarrassed, stupid glow over my entire body. Then the image raced in my mind of yesterday after church Oliver pulling my charger out of the plug and throwing it against my bed. I never plugged my charger back in.

I looked at Christian who looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.
“It was plugged in right?”
I was looking for the right words to express my stupidity
“You’re not going to tell anyone right?” I said humiliated.
Christian gave me a big hug and we fell on the bed laughing hysterically. How could I have not plugged the charger? What was wrong with me? Where was my brain? Am I turning into my Mother?
As Christian and I climbed into bed, thoughts of Christian at work with his co-workers raced in my mind. I could see them all one-upping each other on whose wife is the craziest and Christian begins with my cell phone story and everyone laughing violently.
“But you wont tell anyone will you honey?” I said in the dark as we lay in bed. Christian in all seriousness whispered in my ear:
“Not a soul”