Sunday, November 13, 2005

The official Nielson snack.

Chips and salsa is a Nielson Staple. When Christian took me to Arizona to meet his family, Mary served chips and salsa to welcome the new girlfriend. At first I thought it was a delicious snack, but then I realized it was a delicious constant snack.
The chips sit on the counter for anyone to open or to dive into and enjoy. This snack is available on the counter to eat when, say you are walking from the garage to the living room, transitory the kitchen, or a snack to have while carrying laundry into the bedroom of course passing through the kitchen.
Nielson’s are not potato chip, flavored chip, and cheese puff chip family. Strictly corn.
Usually accompanied by homemade salsa that Mary had made fresh from her Arizona veggies.
Opening a chip bag is like ringing a dinner bell, soon everyone is in the kitchen dipping, laughing, dipping, talking, dipping, and so forth.
I think I have never been closer to Christian’s siblings then when we were in the kitchen bodies hovering over the granite island dipping chips into pepper-packed salsa.
Now, I carry on the tradition of chips and salsa on Sunday. I open the chips (organic tostidos) and a can of salsa (organic, mild tomato and black bean) and the conversations begin.
Happy chip-dippin-Sunday from our house to yours!