Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday I went to lunch with my cute friend Annie. 
 We ordered our food and then she directly went and sat down with my three children. 
 I went directly to the salsa bar and began scooping salsa and beans into little plastic cups. 
 Then I got us all napkins, forks, and spoons (lots of them).
Usually when I am with Christian I sit down with the kids and Christian
 is the designated scooper-utensil-napkin grabbin-drink filler-getter. 
 Even on dates when the kids are not even around, 
Christian is STILL the scooper-utensil-napkin grabbin-drink filler-getter.
All I do is find the seat where the heater is and where we can have privacy. 
This was a funny change.
And it was nice being the scooper-utensil-napkin grabbin-drink filler-getter
for once.