Thursday, May 23, 2002

MOM: Cynthia Sue Jones Clark

{This is my mom next to Hoda.  
When I told her that she stood next to 
Hoda, she was like" Hodwhat?"}
This is my Mom.
She is a pretty amazing lady.
My Mom had 9 children, I am the 8th in that group.
My Mom loves to read.
She loves to garden and take her dog Nan on walks.
If I asked my Mom what she wanted to do at any given moment, 
do you know what she would say?
She would love to sit in a cold movie theater with a bag of popcorn.
My Mom is patient, loving, comforting, and fun.
She has been through a lot with me.
My mom and I have been known to dumpster dive and doorbell ditch.