Thursday, May 23, 2002

Dave Barazoto AKA: Projector Dave

{Dave with Mr. Nielson}
I have this amazing brother-in-law.  
His name is Mr. Dave Barazoto.
He is an Italian sweetheart and loves muscle cars- just like me.
Dave is married to Mr. Nielson's second oldest sister Diane.
Dave has 6 children
(4 boys and 1 beautiful daughter....and 1 beautiful daughter-in-law)
Dave was taking flying lesson's with Doug at the time of the accident.
Dave was flying with Doug right before Mr. Nielson 
and I took off that hot day in August.
In fact, Dave was the last person I saw on the ground waving to us as we
 flew up up and away to New Mexico.
For that, and other reasons, I have such a tender spot for him in my heart.
He is another big brother to me and I love him very much.

 Other people Dave are connected to:
Wife- Diane